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– How long are our surf lessons?

All lessons are 2 hours long

– Do I need my own surfboard or wetsuit?

We supply all the equipment you’ll need for your lesson, including a soft, stable surfboard, and a full-length wetsuit. Just bring sunscreen, your swim trunks, and a towel and water if you need it.

– Is previous experience necessary before attending one of your learn to surf classes?

No! We take you from the very basics of surfing, so that no experience is necessary. You should be comfortable in the water, and for your own safety, be able to swim and tread water.

– What do I need to bring to a lesson?

Just bring sunscreen, your swim trunks, a towel, and water if you need it.

– What time are lessons held?

Lessons are generally held between 9-5:30pm with other times available upon request.

– Where are lessons located?

All lessons are located in the city of Encinitas but at a designated area in the summer months.

– Can boards and wetsuit be rented from us?

This is possible. Please inquire if you would like to rent out equipment

– Can weather affect a class?

Southern California is known for its great, consistent weather. We can run most classes regardless of the weather. Our full-length wetsuits will help keep you warm. However, if heavy rain or stormy weather is expected, classes can be either rescheduled or cancelled.

– Can I reschedule/cancel lessons anytime?

Generally rescheduling/cancellations will be permitted only 24 hours or more prior to an already scheduled lesson