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Ocean Therapy



Ocean Therapy is a guided healing experience where you become empowered and soothed by the ocean.

  • Utilize the healing waters of the ocean to move trauma and toxins from your mind and heart.
  • Move past your fear of the Ocean with gentle guided exploration time.
  • Realize the power for deep transformation is within you.
  • Enjoy the Ocean! It’s a healing modality that will help you become ONE with source.

Jason Weber is an advanced surfer and a specialist in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT involves tapping body areas while reciting affirmations. NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing) is also used. NLP involves visualization, language suggestion and breath work.

Jason’s Individual Ocean Therapy sessions last  2 hours. 30-45 minutes is spent using the above techniques before entering the water. The rest of the time is spent in or near the water. Guests may surf, paddle (on the board), or simply swim or wade in the ocean.


While one session with Jason is rejuvenating, it’s usually in the midst of the third session that clients experience empowerment and the feeling of safety. Jason is the only surf master leading Ocean Therapy sessions in the greater San Diego area.

Individual sessions: $125

Package of three sessions (recommended for optimal results, Save $50!): $325

Stand up, face your fears and ENJOY THE OCEAN with Jason!