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Customized Surf Lessons for
Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

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We offer 3 Levels of Service

Level I – Assisted Surf Lessons: Standard private or group lessons.

Level II – Additional Support: Level I lessons (This offering is limited to package deals of 3 or 6 lessons and is an additional fee of $150 or $250 to level I lessons) that include additional support and continued learning including:

  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Surf fitness program to maximize the potential of your lessons
  • An expert will also accompany you one time to a surf shop in the Encinitas area to help you pick out a board, wetsuit, or merchandise if needed.

Level III – Empowerment Surfing: This offering includes our level II offering above of additional support and continued learning. Please see full explanation of Surfing for Empowerment classes on our page HERE. Please contact Us directly for pricing and details

Please see all offering pricing on the pricing page here: Pricing

We keep our surf lesson groups small and more personalized!

  • All instructors are CPR certified and emphazise safety first!
  • Whether you are a BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, OR ADVANCED SURFER, We will help you by conforming our lesson plans around YOU, how YOU learn, and what your goals are!
  • We guarantee we can get you standing riding the waves the first lesson due to our expertise and the easy beginner slow breaking waves at our location!
  • We have extensive proven teaching methods and techniques for you to build confidence in the ocean and overcome fear if you have it!!!
  • We teach self sufficiency so you wont need us anymore!
  • We always encourage you in a positive fun filled environment!
  • Our friendly experienced instructors have integrity, heart, skills, and good communication with a deep passion, presence, and purpose in teaching surfing that makes your lesson unique and special!
  • Competitively priced packages that rival all other schools!

Here’s what you can expect to learn during our lesson:

  • Water safety and etiquette (knowledge of possible rip currents, other surfers, etc.)
  • How to stand up on the board and balance yourself with proper foot placement
  • How to paddle properly and get through the waves when paddling out (“duck diving or “turtle roll”)
  • Wave knowledge and timing- where to be for take off etc.
  • How to turn the board and angle yourself on wave for ideal ride
  • How to assess the ideal board/equipment for you when surfing alone
  • How to take everything you learned and be self sufficient in the water on your own
  • How to not take yourself too seriously and let loose and have fun!!!

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