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Surf History

Have you ever wondered how surfing got started and later developed in Encinitas?

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Surf History in Encinitas


George Freeth

George Freeth introduced surfing to the CA coastline in 1907 and he died in San Diego during the flu epidemic of 1919. He may have surfed in the Encinitas area, but it is likely that we will never know. There may not have been many active surfers in those early days in Encinitas and Cardiff, but they did exist.

George Freeth Surf History


Linda Benson Surf History

Linda Benson

Linda Benson and here was also an Encinitas local who was the first woman “hotdogger,” winning the Makaha Invitational, the West Coast Championships, and two U.S. titles in her career. She was the first woman to ride Waimea Bay in Hawaii. Until recently she ran a surf school in Encinitas.


Phil Edwards

Truax mentored a young Phil Edwards, who became one of the best surfers of his time and was the first recorded person to surf pipeline in Hawaii. Edwards was born in Long Beach and surfed Oceanside during his youth. He eventually became a Swamis regular, and an icon to all who watched him surf.

Phil Edwards Surf History


Jim Truax Surf History

Jim Truax

Jim Truax, a respected and admired local teacher (who’s widowed wife still lives on Neptune Ave), was an avid surfer in the 1940s and 1950s, surfing almost daily and in all conditions.

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Encinitas Surfing History