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“My husband and I took our first surfing lessons with Encinitas Surf Lessons today. It was such a great experience! We were a little nervous at first because we hadn’t been in the water for a long time. But Jason eased our fears right away. He was so helpful and even pushed us into the waves. We both got up 3 or 4 times, which was way more than we expected. If you want to take lessons from instructors who know their stuff, choose Encinitas Surf Lessons !”
Sara J

“I have always wanted to learn to surf but always found reasons not to. Finally, at the age of 34 I decided to just do it. My wife did a ton of research and decided I should go with Jason based on a lot of the reviews. I promise that he lives up to everyone! I lack coordination and balance, but Jason was extremely patient and helpful which allowed me to catch a few waves my first time out. I highly encourage people to purchase the 3 lesson package for a few reasons: 1) Surfing can be frustrating and if you have a rough first time out it would be easy to just walk away. 2) Jason has an enormous amount of knowledge and you can’t even scratch the surface on your first lesson. 3) When you first start out surfing you really don’t know what questions to ask. As you become more comfortable the questions begin to flow and it is awesome having Jason in the water with you to answer all of those questions. I can’t say enough positive things about Jason and my first experiences surfing.”
Luke S

“I recently took a surf lesson and had an amazing experience. Not only was I able to actually surf some pretty good waves, I felt like my experience was spiritual. I would recommend Jason’s surf lesson to all who are truly into learning how to surf and would like more than just a surf lesson but an experience you will never forget.”
Crystal R

“I have taken several lessons with Jason and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that is either trying to learn to surf for the first time, or improve their surfing skills. Jason is very friendly, and extremely professional at all times. His strive for professionalism, and improving your ability to surf is at its best at all times. Jason had me riding waves in the first 30 minutes of my first lesson, and has been the key factor in my ability to surf on my own without instruction. When you get lessons from Jason, you get more than just water instruction. Jason helps improves your board and wave knowledge as well. Jason Weber would be my #1 recommendation to anyone who is trying to learn the fantastic sport of surfing!
Josh E

“I Just finished up my 3 sessions with Jason. I have been surfing for a few years and decided to try the ocean therapy lessons because I had (I’m quickly getting over) some fears that I’ve had while being out in bigger waves. The emotional exercise that we did was very helpful and I know it will help my surfing. This is a different kind of lesson, very helpful indeed!!!”
Renee F

“Jason is the kind of instructor who cares deeply about your surfing experience. He takes the extra time to make sure you’re doing things correctly and safely before you paddle out. Don’t bother with other ‘surf schools’ where you’ll just be pushed into all your rides. Take a lesson with Jason and you’ll have a much more rewarding and personal experience that will leave you stoked to get out there again.”
Eric R

“My husband and I took surf lessons with Jason the other day, and it was an overall excellent experience. We are beginners, with only 4 or 5 other lessons under our belts. This lesson was by far the best. From the beginning when he called me to set up our time, he was enthusiastic, and accessible. Because we were just visiting the area, our time frame was limited, but he fit us in the same afternoon. We started with about 20-25 minutes on the beach, going over safety, and technique. This part was very helpful, as other lessons I have taken maybe give you 5 minutes of instruction on the beach, and then you go out with your lesson and the instructor just pushes you into waves. Don’t get me wrong, with this type of lesson, you will likely get up the first time, and have fun, but you are not learning any skills that will be beneficial to you in the long run should you decide surfing is for you. Jason provided my husband and I with the skills that will allow us to actually surf on our own, and not just when an instructor is in the water with you pushing you into the whitewater. It was evident that Jason was a master of the subject matter he was instructing us. He provided constant feedback to both of us during the entire lesson, and made us both feel extremely comfortable in the water. Jason had clear objectives for the both of us from the start. If I lived in the area, I would without hesitation signed up for more lessons. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to build the skills to become a strong surfer and have a wonderful time doing so. Trust me one lesson with Jason, and you will be hooked.”
Liz C

“I highly recommend surf lessons with Jason. I flew out from Colorado to take lessons with Jason this summer and plan to go back in the fall. He really understands technique and I was up on the board the first day. He’s not only an amazing surfer but, a great instructor also. I have always wanted to surf but, felt intimidated by the ocean. He helped me overcome the fear and now all I think about is surfing and the next time I can go out. He’s a no nonsense kind of instructor and I truly got out of the lesson more than I expected. My trip made me realize my new found love for this amazing sport!”
Vanessa M

“I took a group package of 3 lessons on the week of July 4th. Couldn’t have turned out better. Jason is a dedicated professional. It’s not a side job for him. It’s his business, and it shows in effort he puts in and the attention you receive. He’s very detail oriented, yet laid back, if that make sense. His mind seems to be managing all the logistics all at once, but he projects this laid back/be here now attitude that puts you at ease from the start, as if changing into a skin tight wet suit outside with just a towel then carrying a surfboard on your head was something you do everyday. He’s passionate about getting you to succeed out there on the water. By the 3rd lesson, each of us, who had no prior surfing experience, were able to stand up with him pushing you into the wave. Several times we were even able to catch our own waves. Highly recommended.”
John C

“I’ve recently taken a surf lesson and therapy work with Jason, and have to say I can’t wait for my next two classes. In one class, he has shown me ways to find inner strength and use that power to replace negative with positive. With these tools, I was able to focus better on my lesson as well as many other aspects in my life. The surfing was awesome, and Jason is very patient as an instructor to help you feel most comfortable.”
World P

“Jason is both a gifted surf instructor and healer which was a great combination for me as I was looking for both before I entered into mother ocean. Jason’s patience and ability to tackle a not so easy task like teaching someone who is terrified of the water how to be at ease and eventually at play while maintaining a sense of humor was brilliant! Not only did I create a new relationship with water, through the breath work and guided visualizations we did together, but I learned so much about safety in the ocean and how to play on a surfboard. My goal was to become more comfortable, learn how to paddle out into the water, and catch my own waves. I am happy to say we accomplished 3 out of 3 = 3 successful sessions together!!!”
Libby Carstensen